I cant think why I have never watched Alfred Hitchcock’s TV series before now.
I’ve now seen all 39 episodes of the first season, and can only praise the high standard of writing of each half hour episode,each one like a mini-Hitchcock film – full of mystery,suspense,murder,black comedy – all the things we love about Hitch.
And what a cast of performers:
Claude Rains as a ventriloquist obsessed with his dummy.
Claire Trevor as a foreign correspondent.
Beulah Bondi as a suspected serial killer.
Patricia Collinge whose home is take over by Darren McGavin.
Tom Ewell (the first time I have seen him in a serious role) as a man driven mad by his double.image
Thelma Ritter as a baby sitter involved in a murder. Mary Wickes is Thelma’s friend in this episode and the twosome work so well together.


Patricia Hitchcock appeared in several episodes, including a version of So Long At The Fair.
So many well known faces – John Forsythe, George MacCready,Gene Barry, Ellen Corby,Elisha Cook,Joseph Cotton,Iris Adrian, Veda Ann Borg, Steve Brodie.
The wonderful John Qualen was in 3 episodes.

And John Williams was in two (including one of my favorites in which he is the hen-pecked husband of Isobel Elsom.He thinks he has the perfect plan to murder her.)


The very first episode ( directed by the master) was also one of the best, and starred Vera Miles as the traumatised wife of Ralph Meeker. She’s been attacked and identifies her attacker to her husband who goes after him. Cant say any more!


The series ran from 1955 to 1962,then for another 3 years at a one hour length.
Hitchcock’s company made the series and he directed some of the episodes.His long time associate,Joan Harrison produced.
Hitch became a familiar figure to viewers as he appeared at the beginning and end of each episode.

I got the first season for £8 on Amazon. Needless to say,the second series is on order.

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  1. Wow, I think I may just have to put this on my Amazon wish list! I’ve definitely seen episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but I don’t recall any of the ones you described. They sound great! Thanks for the info!

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