Tyrone Power is on trial for murder in WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION.
He’s looking at his wife played by Marlene Dietrich who is in the witness box giving evidence against him. He is crying out – why is she saying these things.He loves her so much.
Everyone in the court, including his defence lawyer,Charles Laughton is on his side and regard her with contempt.


Laughton, with clinical preciseness,says to her,
“Or are you not in fact a chronic and habitual LIAR?”


Great movie. Great play by Agatha Christie. Great direction by Billy Wilder. Fantastic cast led by Charles Laughton. Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich,Elsa Lanchester,John Williams, Henry Daniell,Ian Wolfe,Norma Varden,Una O’Connor,Torin Thatcher,Bess Flowers.

Billy Wilder

Billy Wilder


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