Bette Davis,Mary Currier

Bette Davis,Mary Currier

In the middle of romantic drama, DARK VICTORY, Bette Davis is in a nightclub with Ronald Reagan.

Both have been drinking heavily. While Bette (as Judith Traherne) cant blot out the fact of her ‘prognosis negative’, she is struck by the song being sung by the nightclub singer and band, “Oh, Give Me Time For Tenderness“.
Judith wants to hear it again, and although the band are packing up to go, she gives the singer $50 to sing it again.

I love this song which was  composed by the film’s director, Edmund Goulding with lyrics by Elsie Janis. The singer was Mary  Currier (though dubbed by Vera Van). Mary Currier was in quite a few 1940s films,in uncredited parts.

Judith:”I wanna hear that song again.That song about time.”


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