You gotta love this picture of the four stars of THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT. The publicity shot conveys nothing of their characters in the film, but it’s a terrific photo of George Raft,Ida Lupino,Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart. Doesn’t Bogie look tall!



Adorable Cary Grant in disguise in I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE. It’s the ribbon! Sets me off every time.




Cary again, this time in a hurry to take a shower,much to Audrey Hepburn’s surprise in CHARADE.



That wonderful shot at the end of SHANE as Brandon de Wilde watches Alan Ladd ride away. And that colossal mountain providing a backdrop.



Judy Garland trying out ‘The Man That Got Away’  to Tommy Noonan’s  piano accompaniment. A STAR IS BORN. Spine tingling.



This is FILM NOIR. Look at that lighting.
Ella Raines and Alan Curtis in PHANTOM LADY. Always thought it looked like a boxing ring – Curtis is in prison and Raines is visiting him.


John Wayne and Lana Turner pose for publicity in THE SEA CHASE. Maybe just a trifle over done! Lana looks decidedly uncomfortable and the Duke is holding on tightly to that wheel. She aint heavy……..


It’s everybody’s favorite extra,BESS FLOWERS, front and centre in All About Eve,and getting the full attention of George Sanders,though ‘Eve'(Anne Baxter) seems to be ignoring her. (Or is Addison saying to himself,’Who is the woman? I see her everywhere.’

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  1. Great photos! Bogie does look tall in the top photo – it always surprises me how short George Raft is.

    I laughed at the Bess Flowers caption. Could a person create a Bess Flowers drinking game?

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