image Reading about the new Charlton Heston stamp unveiled at the TCM Festival in April,2014,I started wondering what other Classic Hollywood stars have been honoured in this way. The US Postal Service,in 1995, began issuing a series of commemorative stamps known as THE LEGENDS OF HOLLYWOOD. One stamp per year honouring a star or director. Here are some of the stars featured on these stamps.

Canada celebrated its native born stars:


The Commonwealth of Dominica,in 1996, issued a set of stamps,LEGENDARY SLEUTHS OF THE SILVER SCREEN:


And here are a few others I’ve found online:

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  1. WOW! Now that’s my idea of a great stamp collection.
    What a wonderful gallery and presentation as well.
    Last year in the UK there was a collection of stamps
    featuring “Great Britons” and I was very pleased to see that
    Peter Cushing was included in the set.
    I was in the post office this morning,and in a hurry as usual,but
    did notice that there is a just issued set featuring “great British
    Thanks again Vienna for sharing this collection with us.

  2. I’m not a stamp collector but it’s great to see these stamps from all over the world. Glad to hear British stars are honoured too.

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