Waiting to intimidate:  Ella Raines in Phantom Lady.





Waiting to kill: Fred MacMurray, Double Indemnity.




Waiting for the signal: James Stewart, Winchester 73.





Waiting to get into his apartment: Jack Lemmon, The Apartment.





Waiting to kill: Anthony Dawson,Grace Kelly, Dial M For Murder:





Waiting for the Duke: Ben Johnson. The Train Robbers.





Waiting to be called:: Kim Novak, James Stewart, Vertigo.





Just waiting: James Stewart. Harvey .


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  1. The Train Robbers is one of my favorite westerns and this shot is from the very start of the film. You can just see Bobby Vinton peering over the top of the huge water barrel in the background.

  2. Don’t know why her career was so short. Would like to catch up with one she did in 1950,THE SECOND FACE,with Bruce Bennett (directed by Jack Bernhardt).

  3. Ella Raines had a stormy marriage to a war hero/fighter pilot
    that lasted thirty years,her husband saw action in WW2 right
    through to the Vietnam era.
    I think she more or less retired from films to raise a family.
    She was a natural for Noir and Westerns.
    An older looking Raines did turn up in the British B picture
    MAN IN THE ROAD (1956)
    I would like to know what happened to Jack Bernhard who
    made the cult Noir DECOY.
    Warner Archive own the rights to another of his Noirs
    THE HUNTED starring Preston Foster;really looking
    forward to that one.
    I too really want to see THE SECOND FACE Bernhard’s last
    feature and the only film that he made for a major studio
    (United Artists)

  4. Whoops! just to correct what I said above;
    THE SECOND FACE was actually an Eagle Lion
    release,so Bernhard never actually worked for a major
    studio. He passed away in 1997,according to imdb,
    so waht happened to him since 1950?
    Mr Bernhard may only be a footnote in the history of
    Film Noir but he is worthy of some attention,if nothing else,
    for DECOY alone.
    Bernhard’s excellent BLONDE ICE has been released on
    DVD in pretty ropey quality and needs a “proper”
    On the missing list (i.e. a Monogram film not owned by
    Warners) is Bernhard’s PERILOUS WATERS starring B
    movie Noir actor Don Castle another minor but interesting
    person worthy of some sort of re-appraisal.
    At any rate PERILOUS WATERS is reputedly very good

  5. Thanks for the info on Ella Raines.
    I love Jack Bernhard’s THE HUNTED,great little noir.
    Perilous Waters sounds good,and I’d like to see another of his films,Violence (1947) with Nancy Coleman and Michael O’Shea.

  6. Love the picture of Kim Novak and James Stewart. I assume its on the set of ‘Vertigo’, but it looks like it’s from something else. Maybe ‘Bell Book and Candle’?

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