Lizabeth Scott,of the deep voice and sultry look,  came over very well in a long interview she gave in  1996 . ( it’s on You Tube.)

Contracted by Hal Wallis,Lizabeth’s career started in 1946 when she was 24. With only stage experience behind her, she was co-starring with Humphrey Bogart in her third film (Dead Reckoning). She was Mary Astor’s daughter in her fourth film, Desert Fury.

Yet,by 1957 she had left Hollywood and more or less retired at the age of 35.

Here are some of her comments:

My first film was a film I simply adore and it was called You Came Along – my costar was Robert Cummings.”


I made two films for Howard Hughes at RKO – he requested me for these films – one with Jane Greer, – the other one was with Victor Mature. It was a football film – he was terrific in it and I had the most terrific director, Jacques Tourneur.”


                       “The only director that was very,very difficult was John Farrow (Strange Love of Martha Ivers)>He wanted another actress. So I went in there with that prejudice and I knew it, which made it very difficult for me.” 

 ”  After seeing Strange Love of Martha Ivers,Joan Crawford sent me a telegram saying,’I think you are absolutely wonderful.I look forward to meeting you and what a future you have.’

  I would go on the set and watch her (Barbara Stanwyck) – she was just outstanding,a great actress. We only had one scene together.”

Van Heflin,Barbara Stanwyck,Lizabeth Scott, Kirk Douglas.

Van Heflin,Barbara Stanwyck,Lizabeth Scott, Kirk Douglas.

 “I loved Humphrey Bogart, a great guy,.He was fun.”

                        “Mary Astor had to slap me on Desert Fury and you can be assured that I said to Mary,’Slap me’.That’s the only way you’ll get realism.”


As usual with interviews, I kept thinking of the questions not asked – how did she get her screen name – how did she feel about being dubbed for singing roles – did she enjoy doing radio – who was her favourite costar – what was life after Hollywood.


Jack Warner, when he saw Lizabeth’s screen test,said,” This girl is nothing but a second lead and we have plenty of those.”  Fortunately Hal Wallis left Warners and set up his own production unit and he recognised Lizabeth’s talent.


Lizabeth Scott,John Hodiak,Mary Astor.

Lizabeth Scott,John Hodiak,Mary Astor.

Lizabeth Scott,Humphrey Bogart.

Lizabeth Scott,Humphrey Bogart.









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  1. Indeed. She had a golden decade of lead roles and big costars including Alan Ladd,Dick Powell,Robert Mitchum,Dan Duryea,Charlton Heston.

  2. Interesting regarding Scott’s comments about John Farrow.
    He gave Glenn Ford a hard time too on PLUNDER OF THE SUN.
    So much so,that Ford turned down HONDO because he refused to
    work with Farrow again.
    A great unheralded Scott film is THE WEAPON (Val Guest 1957)
    This excellent Brit Flick has a strong cast,Scott,Steve Cochran,
    Herbert Marshall,Nicole Maurey,George Cole. Scott’s role as a lone
    parent,cafe waitress is refreshingly downbeat for the era and she is
    Film has stunning location work showing us a now vanished London
    (Blackfriars,Docklands and parts of the city that are totally different
    This great little thriller is on Olive Films to be released schedule.

  3. ON Farrow, Lee Server’s biography of Mitchum is pretty blunt about the director and the often tough methods he employed. He’s referred to as a hard drinking man who alternated between overt piety and barely disguised lasciviousness – ultimately he’s described as “a mean, ruthless S.O.B!”
    There’s a marvelous anecdote about Farrow’s supply of premium whiskey being raided by the crew of HIS KIND OF WOMAN, and the novel way they “replaced” it!

  4. Thanks, Colin. Not a popular guy on the set,that’s a great shame when it’s the director who is supposed to pull everything together.
    I’ll use my imagination about the His Kind Of Woman story!

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