“I must say a lot of the pictures they’re making now,the big special effects movies, I’m just not interested in.

            Personally I’d rather watch THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD.”

So say we all, Mr Osborne.


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  1. The big budget, effects-driven fare has left me cold for some time now. I saw the trailer for EDGE OF TOMORROW (the new Tom Cruise flick) the other day and knew I didn’t need to see this film.
    The recent Hollywood obsession with fantasy movies and endless superhero stuff bores me absolutely rigid.

  2. I confess. I saw Edge of Tomorrow because I like Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Though I can’t say I found much to enjoy. All the over the top violence passing as entertainment. Only other new films I have seen this year are Osage County,Monuments Men and Non-Stop.

    • I was talked into seeing the latest X-Men film a few weeks back – I guess it was OK as such things go, but it really didn’t affect me on any level. I find much of that kind of stuff the same – there simply isn’t the depth to make it in any way memorable for me.

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