image      IMDB lists over 500 films that Hollywood’s greatest extra,Bess Flowers   appeared in  from 1923 to 1958. Spotting Bess is easy when you know what she looks like – tall, elegant,short hair style. She always looked so regal.

If there’s a society party going on, Bess is sure to be there. But what’s amazing about the IMDB entry is the diverse type of character Bess played in film after film –

Secretary –  Nurse – Reporter – Football spectator –  bridge player –  dance contestant – gambler at roulette table – Police woman – rhumba dancer!

Occasionally there was a line of dialogue – in All About Eve, she says to Anne Baxter,”I’m so happy for you,Eve.”

Bess sits at Judy Garland’s table at the Oscars in A Star Is Born.

She’s the star of Lana Turner’s play in Imitation of Life.


Bess Flowers at left.All About Eve

Bess Flowers at left.All About Eve

I spotted Bess recently in the public gallery of the court room in Witness For The Prosecution.
You wonder why no one interviewed her at length, and why she wasn’t encouraged to write about her Hollywood experiences. I read she did a TV interview in the 60s or 70s.

Born in 1898,Bess was married twice and had one daughter. She  died in 1984.


With Rosalind Russell.

With Rosalind Russell.

With Gig Young. Teacher's Pet

With Gig Young. Teacher’s Pet

Bess at left. Dolores Gray,June Allyson,Joan Collins. The Opposite Sex.

Bess at left. Dolores Gray,June Allyson,Joan Collins. The Opposite Sex.



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  1. It’s great that Bess’s appearances have been recorded.
    I guess extras could float from film to film,week after week in Hollywood.
    Bess obviously got lots of work.

  2. Actually, Bess Flowers WAS interviewed at length, by Tom Snyder on his late-night show in the ’70s. He visited her at the Motion Picture Country Home, where she lived in her final years.

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