Kathleen Hughes in a famous pose for Universal’s first 3D film, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.

In a 2012 interview for the Film Noir Foundation, Kathleen said,

They were going to make some 3D movies and needed someone to test the camera. So they asked me if I would mind just walking back and forth on a little runway,in a bathing suit – because I was quite 3 dimensional!”

It was fascinating to hear Kathleen talking about working on the film ROAD HOUSE:

” I had just been signed by Fox – a seven year contract – unfortunately it only lasted three years. And this ( Road House) was my first film. Wow. What a picture to start your career. It was just amazing working on that picture. I was so thrilled when I got a scene almost immediately , in the bowling alley. In the first day of shooting, I had a scene with Cornel Wilde…. He was bowling and I said, ‘C’mon Petey,make this one and. I’ll kiss you’, and he said,’How can I miss.”‘

And of course it landed on the cutting room floor.”

“I didn’t have any interaction with Ida (Lupino). In her scenes where she was at the piano ,I was lost in the mob at the back of the room. But what a joy it was to be there day after day,hearing her do these wonderful songs.

Cornel used to paint in his dressing room between scenes – he had an easel and oil paints.”

“I made 14 films at Fox and then they dropped me. I freelanced for 9 months. Then Universal signed me and I spent another 3 years there.”

John Forsythe, Kathleen Hughes,Ed.G Robinson

John Forsythe, Kathleen Hughes,Ed.G Robinson THE GLASS WEB

” Edward G. Robinson was very easy to work with. He was a wonderful kisser ….a very nice man.”

Kathleen was born Margaret Von Gerkan in 1928. She was married for 57 years to producer Stanley Rubin until his death in March 2014. (Rubin produced The Narrow Margin).

I posted a review of The Glass Webb here.

Kathleen Hughes,Stanley Rubin

Kathleen Hughes,Stanley Rubin

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