TOP HAT poster from Spain.
Not much of a likeness of Fred or Ginger, but the colors are vibrant.






Translation – THE ROAD TO HIS HEART!  ( If You Could Only Cook.1935)
Jean Arthur is all set – she plays a cook!
Love the Art Deco design.




The sad ending of THE SET UP, with Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter.
But a new beginning too.





Cute photo of Norma Shearer and husband Irving Thalberg on board ship and enjoying a stroll along the deck.




Fencing master Fred Cavens shows Maureen O’Hara a few moves for SONS OF THE MUSKETEERS.
Not in that dress,Maureen!





Doesn’t look too good for the Norwegian resistance fighters played by Walter Huston, Ann Sheridan,Errol Flynn and Judith Anderson in a scene from EDGE OF DARKNESS – they are being forced to dig their own graves as the German soldiers look on.




Comical pose from Fred Astaire and Joan Crawford on the set of DANCING LADY.
Fred would soon be a big star over at RKO and have a new dancing partner,Ginger Rogers.





Randolph Scott getting rough with Donna Reed. He’s actually protecting her from the unwelcome advances of the villainous Lee Marvin in HANGMAN’s KNOT.




Doesn’t James Cagney look as if he is saying the legendary line, “YOU DIRTY RAT!”





James Stewart looks a little dazed. Maybe he wasnt expecting to win that Oscar for THE PHILADELPHIA STORY.

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