On November 8th,2014,in Los Angeles, 94 year old Maureen O’Hara was presented with an honorary Oscar by Liam Neeson and Clint Eastwood.
Maureen will also be a VIP guest at the 2015 Oscars, when footage of the award and film clips will be shown.
(Maureen now lives in Idaho).
(Thanks to for first news of this tribute to the great Maureen O’Hara.)
One media outlet reminded us that Doris Day also deserves to be honoured in this way.



Who would have guessed it. Alice Faye would have said, ‘Never in a million years.’
But if you check out the Bogie film blog. you’ll find a fascinating article describing Bogart’s radio appearance in 1937 as ‘Hotspur’ in Shakespeare’s HENRY 1V.
Walter Huston is the King, and Walter Connolly is ‘Falstaff’.

Other Hollywood stars who treaded the Shakekspeare radio boards include Leslie Howard and Rosalind Russell in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING; Thomas Mitchell as KING LEAR; Claude Rains as Cassius in JULIUS CAESAR; and Edward G.Robinson and Freida Inescort as Petruchio and Kate in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW.
Must try and get hold of some of these.

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