If you love Film Noir, one blog you need to follow is Shadows and Satin run by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry who just happens to be the author of two essential books about  Noir. – BAD BOYS :THE ACTORS OF FILM NOIR and FEMME NOIR: BAD GIRLS OF FILM.                                                                 image


Shadows and Satin is devoted to film noir and the pre-code era.
You are invited by Karen to….”Join me as we travel the narrow line tread by silken clad strumpets and shady shysters – in shadow and satin.”
Karen does great film reviews like Ace In The Hole ( in which she quotes one of the best noir lines ever  Jan Sterling to Kirk Douglas: “I’ve met a lot of hard boiled eggs in my life, but you- you’re 20 minutes.”)
Karen also does excellent book reviews. ( must get this one on Imitation of Life).

Among Karen’s latest posts is one called FAVORITE NOIR DINNER GUESTS. Her choice includes Mildred Pierce,Philip Marlowe,Moe Williams (Thelma Ritter) ,Barton Keyes.
Another post is THE TOUGHEST MEN AND WOMEN OF FILM NOIR in which she gives a succinct description eg Ida Lupino is’ hard boiled tough’;  Sterling Hayden is ‘stoic tough’;  Stanwyck is ‘icy tough.’
You get the idea.
For this month,Karen has been blogging every day under the theme, NOIRVEMBER 2014

Karen is also the editor of the bi- monthly THE DARK PAGES which has been going since 2005. Articles include a salute to Ida Lupino; Obscure Noir; ‘Tom Neal,fateful detour;  Famous Couples of Noir.
For back issues, email The Dark Pages

I’d be interested to know if Karen is planning any more books.


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  1. Vienna, you are a sweetheart. I am just now seeing this, and cannot thank you enough for this lovely post, not to mention your most awesome support in the form of your comments on my blog. You have made my whole day — no, my whole month! Thank you again, so much!

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