For new young contract players at Paramount studio, their future (well,at least for the 6 months of their contract) was laid out for them – they’d be groomed,packaged and drilled.

Here’s a notice they all had to read:


DONT look at the camera

DONT report late on the set.

DONT overlook script studies.

DONT talk during scene filming.

DONT forget studio appointments.

DONT lose your dressing room key.


I guess after reading that,they knew their place!  Still, maybe, just maybe, one of them would make it and become a star.

( I found a picture of this notice in the 1978 book FLESH AND FANTASY by Penny Stallings.)

Wonder who’s in the back of the car in the picture above. Is it Norma Desmond? Definitely someone who doesn’t have to read that notice!



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