A neat little Monogram programmer, from the Warner Archive.

With characters called Slats, Nails,Bugs and Knuckles, how can you go wrong.

After having a meal with his friends,Joan and Bill (Joyce Compton and Harry Lauter), Joe (Warren Douglas) heads home on foot. Following him is Knuckles (Meyer Grace) who mistakes Joe for a rival gangster Slats (Robert Osterloh), and slugs him with a gun.

When Joe tells the police what happened, they don’t seem too bothered – We cant waste time over a little case of assault and battery.”

Joe starts his own investigation and meets up with Marion (Jane Frazee) who is an undercover insurance investigator.Her case overlaps with the attack on Joe and they team up,finding themselves in danger from gangster Nails (Anthony Caruso).

A brisk 66 minutes,very enjoyable and good cast.

Warren Douglas,Joyce Compton,Jane Frazee,Harry Lauter

Warren Douglas,Joyce Compton,Jane Frazee,Harry Lauter



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  1. Warren Douglas is interesting,a B Movie actor who later became a
    writer with some great credits: CRY VENGEANCE,JACK SLADE,
    I DO wish Warner Archive would release these Monogram Noirs as
    double bills at least. Still ,must not grumble too much,as it’s great to see
    them finally get released.

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