Cute title for this Warners Clark Gable/Marion Davies comedy. Clark is Larry CAIN,a prize fighter, and Marion is MABEL O’Dare, a waitress who becomes a  Broadway star in double quick time.
The supporting cast includes Ruth Donnelly as Mabel’s aunt Mimi.
Mabel’s  show,Words and Music,isn’t doing too well. The show’s producer, Walter Catlett tells Mabel,
The ushers are quitting because they’re afraid to be alone in the dark.”
Boxer Larry has no box office personality,even though he’s winning bouts.
Roscoe Karns brings the two of them together as a publicity stunt. Larry and Mabel don’t like each other at first but finally get to know each other – turns out Mabel wants to leave show business and Larry’s dream is to own a service station – he’s a mechanic at heart!










I like this shot of them trying to keep their romance a secret, meeting in a library, both wearing dark glasses.
There are a couple of musical numbers in the film,and as usual in a Davis vehicle,no expense is spared.
It’s obvious Marion’s dancing and singing is severely limited,so it’s still a mystery why she constantly had musical scenes in her comedies.
It’s also surprising MGM would loan Gable to any other studio by 1936. He’s without a moustache in this film – big mistake.
It’s a pleasant comedy,nothing special, but I enjoyed seeing another Marion Davies film.

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