KINGS OF THE B’s (1975) is edited by Todd McCarthy and Charles Flynn. A study of B movie makers comprising essays and interviews  with directors and producers who worked in Hollywood at the smaller studios. Fascinating reading.  Here are some extracts :

……….” A   B movie is a movie in which the sets shake when an actor slams a door!”

……..RIO GRANDE’s original title was RIO BRAVO.


………..William  Castle, 1973:

“I directed WHEN STRANGERS MARRY there ( at Monogram), which is one of the best films I’ve ever done. It really was great. It had a script by Phil Jordan, music by Dmitri Tiomkin. It was Rhonda Fleming’s first film,Dean Jagger,Kim Hunter was first starting. Bob Mitchum got marvellous reviews and it was his first film.

It was made on a shoestring and it really got all sorts of awards.”



“Republic decided they were going to make westerns with Gene Autry. They picked me to direct his first picture. So that’s how I started directing.”
“.. I made the first picture with Dick Weston….they were quite simple. Musical westerns….while we were on location,they sent word up that he was going to be called Roy Rogers and they wanted a name for his horse.
We were getting ready to shoot a scene with a revolver, so I said, Why don’t we call him Trigger.”


……………..PHIL KARLSON, 1973:
John Payne is nobody’s fool to start with. He’s got a wonderful,creative mind himself. KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL was written here, with he and I loaded with a bottle of Scotch. We wrote the entire script and then turned it over to a writer to put it in screenplay form.”
“I did three pictures with him, and all three we did the same way. I did 99 RIVER STREET and HELL’S ISLAND with him.
With Hell’s Island, we took The Maltese Falcon and we did…the Maltese Falcon! In our own way.”

Peggie Castle, Brad Dexter. 99 RIVER STREET

Peggie Castle, Brad Dexter. 99 RIVER STREET


…………EDGAR G.ULMER,1970:
“When DOUBLE INDEMNITY came out and was a huge success,I wrote a picture we called SINGLE INDEMNITY. We were able to write that junk in about two weeks….Paramount made us take the title off! I think it was called Blond Ice,or something like that.”
( The ttile was APOLOGY FOR MURDER,starring Ann Savage and directed by Sam Neufeld.)



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