Don Castle has a nice,easy going style in ROSES ARE RED. He plays two roles,one a District Attorney,and the other a gangster just out of prison.
The trick photography is good,with the two men talking to each other. The D.A. says, “Nature got careless and used the same mold twice.”



Edward Keane plays the head honcho bad guy who realises what a coup it could be to have a look-a-like D.A. in his pocket. ( he already owns a police lieutenant (Joe Sawyer who is called ‘Rocky’ Wall).
Keane has a stellar group of henchmen – Charles McGraw,Jeff Chandler,Douglas Fowley ,Charles Lane and Paul Guilfoyle.


Douglas Fowley, Joe Sawyer, Charles McGraw,Edward Keane,Charles Lane


The discovery of the body of a woman,with a rose in her hand (only reference to the film’s title) gets the story going – the murdered woman has a picture of what is assumed to be the District Attorney.
Paul Guilfoyle is a suspect but he says, “I’m as clean as a laundry.”
The ‘good’ Don Castle is kidnapped and his ‘twin’ studies his mannerisms, with a view to taking his place.
Peggy Knudsen and Patricia Knight play well, as the D.A.’s girlfriend and the gangster’s wife.


Of course the law triumphs in the end. A very enjoyable, fast paced 67 minutes.

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  1. I really like Don Castle who made some great
    B Noirs during the Forties,I much prefer him to
    Tom Neal!
    ROSES ARE RED is typical of the decent B films that
    he made and I enjoyed it too.
    Laura has informed me that one of Castle’s very best
    THE GUILTY has been restored recently,I do hope that it
    finds its way to DVD sooner rather than later.
    Sadly the troubled actor died from an overdose aged
    just 48. I also thought Castle was great in several
    Westerns that he made,

    • Sorry to hear about Don Castle. Have only seen him a couple of times and liked his confident style.
      Wouldn’t mind a good copy of The Guilty.

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