Catching up on some old radio and TV shows, I was interested to hear Glenn Langan and Adele Jergens in a 1953 radio series, Stand By For Crime“. An enjoyable half hour in which Glenn plays a radio reporter,Chuck Morgan and Adele is Carol Curtis, his secretary. The banter between them is good .

Glenn and Adele were married for over 40 years.  Adele will always be ‘Yvonne Ledoux’, the two-timing wife of Douglas Fowley in Armored Car Robbery; and in complete contrast, the straight laced  girlfriend of Randolph Scott in Sugarfoot.

Also enjoyed one of the many radio detectives, “Crime and Peter Chambers” (1954),starring Dane Clark.

Dane Clark

Dane Clark


From 50s television ,”Robert Montgomery Presents” had an interesting episode from 1953 called ‘The Deep Six’.

Loosely based on the novel by Martin Dibner, it bears a few ,fleeting resemblances to the Alan Ladd film of the same name which came out in 1958.

The episode is introduced by Mr. Montgomery who says,

“John Payne has been in many motion pictures,the most recent of which is 99 River Street.”

All the action is  on board a ship during the Second World War, John is Alex Austin, and, like Alan Ladd in the movie, he draws in his spare time. There’s a character called ‘Frenchy’, (William Bendix in the movie), and there’s also an obsessed,war damaged officer who resents Austin.

If it hadn’t been for the Deep  Six connections, I doubt I would have watched the whole episode. Picture quality was poor and it was rather slow.




“Four Star Playhouse” had an episode called ‘House For Sale’ in 1953,starring Ida Lupino and George Macready.

Reminiscent of  Ida’s 1952 film, Beware My Lovely , Ida is trapped in an old house with escaped mental patient,Macready.There’s a neat twist at the end.

(Four Star Playhouse featured  four rotating stars – Dick Powell, Charles Boyer,Ida  Lupino and David Niven.

It was previously a radio series in 1949, with Fred MacMurray,Loretta Young, Rosalind Russell and Robert Cummings, but the radio show only ran a few months.The TV series ran 4 years.)

Also on Four Star Playhouse, how could I resist the combination of Frank Lovejoy and Audrey Totter,(with an added bonus of Percy Helton). This 1954 episode is called “Meet McGraw”, with Lovejoy as a detective for hire called McGraw. Audrey is in femme fatale mode,feeding him a story that she needs a bodyguard to protect her from her husband whom she is divorcing. Percy plays a hotel clerk – what else.

Lovejoy and Totter should have made some movies together, they make a great team.

“Meet McGraw” became a series on its own.42 episodes were made with Frank Lovejoy. We never learn McGraw’s first name.


Frank Lovejoy,Audrey Totter



Frank Lovejoy,Percy Helton


A great site for checking out these 50s radio and TV shows is Free Classic


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