At REELSF.COM  a blogger called ‘City Sleuth’ has been tracking down classic movie locations in San Francisco, and showing photos of the locations, then and now.

Films covered include DARK PASSAGE,I REMEMBER MAMA,IMPACT,SUDDEN FEAR and of course VERTIGO. And many more.

I’m sure I’m not alone in being fascinated  by the idea  that you could stand on the same spot as Bogart or Kim Novak, or Joan Crawford.

Below are some of the terrific photos from this site which is well worth a visit.

If ever I get to San Francisco, will be my guide!


DARK PASSAGE: Irene (Lauren  Bacall) leads Parry (Humphrey Bogart) from the elevator to her third floor apartment.

Same glass,same railings,same elevator call button.

The apartment is at 1360 Montgomery Telegraph Hill.






Outside of the building which is called the Malloch Apartment Building.



The current owner of Irene’s apartment has posted in her window a picture of Humphrey Bogart!



On location in San Francisco for SUDDEN FEAR,Joan Crawford as Myra Hudson has a lovely summer home which was actually the home of a family called Heidelberg. Mrs Heidelberg and friends can be seen watching the filming. The address is at 250 Beach Road.Belvedere,a few miles north of the Golden  Gate Bridge.




VERTIGO has several locations in San Francisco.One can visit the Art Gallery at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Apparently the image of ‘Carlotta’ has been lost.




The Empire Hotel where ‘Judy’ lived is now the Hotel Vertigo! It’s at 940 Sutter.

“Madeleine’ leaves the Brocklebank Apartments at 1000 Mason Street in her 1957 green Jaguar.



I also would take with me on any visit to San Francisco the book, SAN FRANCISCO NOIR (2005) by Nathaniel Rich.
I love his description of that apartment where Lauren Bacall lived in Dark Passage:
The current resident of Irene’s third floor apartment has posted in her window a cardboard cutout of Bogart….he stands on permanent watch for any intruders,or even worse,the ghost of Madge Rapf!”


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  1. Lovely stuff! I’ve never visited San Francisco but If I get the opportunity one day, those locations are among the places I’d definitely want to see.

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