THE MAN WITH MY FACE was made on location in Puerto Rico. Barry Nelson plays ‘ Chick Graham’ who runs an insurance company. The film opens with him waving his wife ‘ Cora ‘ (Lynn Ainley) goodbye and heading for his office where he’s partnered with his brother in law,’Buster’ (John Harvey).

Just  another ordinary day – till he gets home that evening – Cora and  Buster are there, and a stranger who just happens to be Chick’s double!

Cora asks Chick who he is!

Even his dog doesn’t recognise him.

The police are called in and Chick manages to escape.

Turns out Chick’s double is bank robber,’Bert Rand’ who has cooked up a very elaborate scheme to get Chick mistaken for Rand. The wife and brother in law are in on it too.

On the run, Chick gets help from an ex girlfriend ‘Mary’ (Carole Mathews) and her brother ‘Walt’ ( Jack Warden)

The  only reference to the two Barry Nelsons is  when Mary says, “They say everyone has a double.”

There’s  a lot of action round the island, and the plot makes good use of the locations.

Unusual to see Carole Mathews in a sympathetic role. Barry Nelson conveys the two characters well. ( Don’t know why his career never took off)

Enjoyable  79 minutes.


Barry Nelson,John Harvey




Lynn Ainley



Barry Nelson, Carole Mathews


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  1. Doppelgangers often make for entertaining, if heavily contrived, stories. I’ll look out for this – sub 80 minute features are usually good, snappy viewing.

  2. I didn’t mention that killer dog so prominently displayed in the foreign poster. That’s a whole other part of the plot as you probably know.

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