Jane Wyman

Jane Wyman,Aldo Ray


In LET’S DO IT AGAIN (co-starring Ray Milland), Jane Wyman reminds us what a good singer she is when she belts out ,”I’m Takin’ a Slow Burn’, a great number written by Ned Washington and Lester Lee.
Let’s Do It Again (1953) is a very loose remake of The Awful Truth.


Ida Lupino. ROAD HOUSE

Ida Lupino.


Ida Lupino is a night club singer in Road House, and Ida’s singing voice wasn’t dubbed for the songs she sang in the film. One of the songs is called “The Right Kind’  and Ida’s husky voice is just right for this catchy tune . The song is by Lionel Newman, Charles Henderson and Don George.


Hoagy Carmichael,Lauren Bacall. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT

Hoagy Carmichael,Lauren Bacall.

Lauren Bacall sings ‘How Little We Know’ ( by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer).And it IS Lauren singing.


Barbara Stanwyck


I love ‘Drum Boogie’ (by Roy Eldridge and Gene Krupa), performed by Barbara Stanwyck and the Gene Krupa orchestra in Ball of Fire. (Barbara dubbed by Martha Tilton).



June Allyson, Harry James

June Allyson, Harry James


In The Opposite Sex, June Allyson plays a former singer. In a flashback, she sings ‘Young Man With a Horn’ (by George Stoll and Ralph Freed) with Harry James and his orchestra.




Jane Russell singing “You Kill Me” (by Jule Styne and Leo Robin) in MACAO.

Love the last line, ‘ You kill me, and keep me so alive’.





Dorothy Lamour singing “Dancing for Nickels and Dimes” in JOHNNY APOLLO. The number by Lionel Newman and Frank Loesser.

That’s some tramp costume Dorothy is wearing!







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