Not exactly news, but I only read recently that in 2013 the Victoria and Albert museum in London acquired the archives of VIVIEN LEIGH (1913-1967) from Vivien’s grandchildren.

There are 10,000 items in the collection,including diaries,letters,scripts,awards,photos. Vivien kept a personal diary for 38 years.

The archive is available for research . Just a shame that it cannot be viewed online. Fans all over the world would welcome that. Though I don’t know what it would cost to get everything online.

(website at )


In April 2015 , Heritage Auctions in California had Gone With  The Wind memorabilia on sale including a letter from Hattie McDaniel in which she says she will be playing a role very similar to GWTW in REAP THE WILD WIND and that Merle Oberon would be the star.

In fact Paulette Goddard starred in Reap The Wild Wind (1942) and Hattie wasn’t in it.( Louise Beavers had the role that Hattie may have been going to play.)

Hattie was kept busy after Gone With the Wind, and appeared in 7 films in 1941 and 1942, including THE GREAT LIE  as Bette Davis’ maid.




The following two items  are from a GONE WITH THE WIND exhibition at the University of Texas at Austin. The first is a preview card.




I love how this lady says she had read the book three times and always pictured Bette Davis as Scarlett. She thinks Vivien Leigh “lacks dynamite”!




Mr Selznick was getting a  weekly report on all the correspondence received about the casting of Gone With The Wind. Looks like this week in January 1939 Miriam Hopkins and  Bette  Davis were the front runners for the part of Scarlett.

Of the nearly 200 letters received that week, nearly all didn’t want Vivien  Leigh ( or Olivia De Havilland for Melanie or Leslie Howard for Ashley).

I guess there was consensus about Clark Gable!





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