My hero, Chick Chandler, plays an architect in SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH. And why not ( though he doesn’t do any architecting,more sleuthing).

A typical PRC  ‘B’ from 1944, made on a shoestring yet perfectly enjoyable. It opens with a gunshot and a scream ( that’ll grab your attention right away).

Chick is driving along in his little jalopy he calls ‘Genevieve’ . He comes to a halt when he hears the shot and a woman jumps into the back of his car,pulls what he thinks is a gun ( it’s a flashlight) and tells him to go faster.

He tells the mystery woman the truth, I can’t push Genevieve any faster. She’ll unravel.”

She tells him to stop further on and she disappears. Chick goes back to where she stopped him, sees a dead body and calls the police. He describes the body as short and stocky but when the police arrive, they find that the dead man is tall and thin!

June Clyde is Mary ,the mystery woman whose late aunt owned a piece of property ,a courtyard containing  7 shops – of which Mary has one,a hat shop.  Mary is her aunt’s sole heir and the aunt’s will is missing.

Thee are a few more murders along the way and the police detective tells Chick, Behind one of those doors is a murderer.”

The other shop owners include a furrier,a silversmith, a photographer and a girl called Mabel (Rebel Randall)  who runs a jewellery shop. All are suspects.

So a neat set-up in an enclosed space   for Chick to unravel the truth.

I saw the film on You Tube and the quality was poor. In some of the night scenes I wasn’t even sure what was going on but it was enjoyable, and the courtyard setting looks good.

I don’t suppose it would ever get a dvd release.

I’m still a Chandler fan!


Chick Chandler

Chick Chandler




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