THE MAN IN THE ROAD was Ella Raines’ last film,made in England in 1956. Sadly, it’s not a great ending to her film career. She doesn’t appear till 30 minutes into the film and really hasn’t much to do.


Derek Farr, Donald Wolfit


This is a Cold War thriller with Derek Farr as a scientist whom Russian spy Donald Wolfit wants to get to Moscow.

Farr is involved in a car accident and wakes up in a nursing home run by Wolfit. Farr has lost his memory and Wolfit tells him that he is half Russian and than his mother is in Moscow!



Cyril Cusack Derek Farr

Cyril Cusack plays a doctor at the home who raises Farr’s suspicions. Farr escapes and lands up at the country cottage of writer Ella Raines who agrees to help him.







Derek Farr,Ella Raines


An ok little thriller but Ella’s presence seemed unnecessary .

I didn’t know Ella had made a TV viewers series JANET DEAN,REGISTERED NURSE in 1954. Produced by Joan Harrison, the series had 34 episodes and was filmed in New York.

Two  of Ella’s films I’d like to see are THE SWINDLERS (1946) and THE SECOND FACE (1950).

Ella’s third film when she was only 24 was probably her best -PHANTOM LADY.







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  1. I watched this movie a few months ago and posted about it a few weeks ago. As you say, it’s not a bad little piece, but not great either. I think the big gaping hole at the heart of the plot is that you’re never really told why they abduct him. It’s just that he knows something sciencey . . . but what? A mere line of dialogue could have covered this (“He’s the only one who knows the secret of the pocket sewage plant! Just think of how we could turn this against the enemies of the proletariat! BWAHAHAHAHA!”), and yet the makers couldn’t be bothered. It was daft to leave it like that.

  2. Glad to see this is available online as I’d been wanting to watch some more British thrillers. Even though it has its faults it sounds like it’s worth a watch, even if only to appreciate Raines 🙂

  3. The poster that you sourced is certainly
    more interesting than the film.
    As you say a sad end to her career.
    I think that she gave up her film career to
    raise a family.
    She had a very stormy relationship with her
    war hero husband who saw combat duties from
    WW2 right up to the Veitnam era.
    I’d love to see THE SECOND FACE.

    • The film’s ok but such a waste of Ella Raines.
      I guess she may have been in the UK if her husband was stationed there.

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