Edna May Oliver gets top billing in MGM’s MY DEAR MISS ALDRICH. She plays Aunt Lou, whose niece is school teacher Martha Aldrich (Maureen O’Sullivan). They live in a small town in Nebraska.
Life changes for them when Martha’s step-uncle,a newspaper publisher,dies and Martha inherits the Globe-Leader newspaper in New York – of which Kenneth Morley (Walter Pidgeon) is the editor.

Edna May Oliver,Walter Oidgeon, Maureen O'Sullivan

Edna May Oliver,Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O’Sullivan


Martha and Aunt Lou head  for New York , and Martha decides to find out about the newspaper business by working as a reporter. But this newspaper doesn’t employ women reporters.

Kenneth’s views on women are clear – “Every man who buys the paper is an  intelligent, interested citizen.”

When Martha asks him if women read the paper, his reply is,

Certainly they do. We carry more department store advertising than any other papers in town!”

Martha proves herself,getting some scoops and of course Kenneth softens towards her.

Edna May is rather wasted and isn’t an integral part of the plot. Aunt Lou’s views are more akin to Kenneth’s. She says,

Anyone who doesn’t  know enough to shut up about womens’ rights is never going to get married.”

Aunt Lou is always doing crosswords and suggests the newspaper should have a puzzle page.

The supporting cast includes Janet Beecher who impressed as a business woman negotiating to avoid a strike.

I liked the first half of the film, but it rather fizzled out after that. Maybe too long, a complaint I have quite often.

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