Marilyn Monroe,George Winslow,Jane Russell



I was sorry to hear of the passing of one of my favourite child actors, GEORGE WINSLOW. Born George Karl Wentzlaff, he died of a heart attack in his Northern California home.

George, of the raspy voice and deadpan delivery, will be forever remembered as Henry Spofford III in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES.

The  look of surprise on Marilyn’s face in the above photo is of course because she thought Henry Spofford was an rich,eligible bachelor. Still, young Henry admires her, saying in that deep voice of his ,” You got a lot of animal magnetism.”

George’s delivery was always funny, because nobody expects this little child ( age 8 years in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) to speak as he does, the voice seeming to come from the bottom of his boots. And always delivered with a straight face. He really did steal any scene he was in.


George Winslow

George Winslow


George’s debut film was ROOM FOR ONE MORE (1952), as the smallest of the children adopted by Cary Grant and Betsy Drake.

George Winslow,Cary Grant

George Winslow,Cary Grant


He was Richard Widmark’s  son in MY PAL GUS (1952) – with Audrey Totter as his absent mother.

My Pal Gus


George had co-star status in MISTER SCOUTMASTER (1953) opposite Clifton Webb. Veda Ann Borg played his aunt. In the New York Times review of the film, George’s voice was described as a ‘bullfrog bass.’



In ROCKET MAN (1954), he starred with Spring Byington and Charles Coburn. The film’s trailer advertised George as ‘Marilyn Monroe’s favourite boyfriend.’



George made 10 films between  1952 and 1958, plus a few TV appearances.  He retired from show business in 1958. He served in the Navy in the war in Vietnam and retired from the US Postal Service some years ago.



There is a lovely article about George.written on May 25, 2013, at the blog, Once Upon a Screen under the title CHILDREN IN FILM:THE BOY WINSLOW .





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