It’s a long story,but if you want to know how Flinders University in Australia holds the Archive of Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America 1922 – 1939, check out http://mppda.flinders.edu.au

The MPPDA was the trade association of the motion picture industry and was known as the Hays office  after its first president, Will Hays.

Delving through the correspondence, I loved one letter from the Hays office to Columbia Pictures in 1937.

Columbia had applied for registration of PARK AVENUE  DAME as an original title.

It was patiently explained that the Board of Directors had agreed that the word DAME or DAMES should not be used in titles because of unfavourable reaction that followed frequent use of the word in a slang sense.

The reply went on to say that Warner Brothers had withdrawn HARD LUCK  DAME , and Paramount withdrew ROUGH ON DAMES.

Best of all, Fox had proposed the title DAMES IS DYNAMITE for an unreleased film but were  refused.

The letter ended with the comment, “So we cannot register PARK AVENUE DAME – the use of the word in titles is an industry liability.”


I’ve no idea what these 4 films ended up being called, but isn’t it a pity the original titles didn’t survive!

( Still,Warners got the earlier title DAMES before the Code got to work.)

GOLD DIGGER passed ok!




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