I found this page from Ernest Lehman’s early draft of NORTH BY NORTHWEST on the website of the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin. (The University holds the Ernest Lehman archive.)

It describes one of the many iconic images from that film. – when Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) has tried to flag down a truck after the chase by the crop duster plane.




Ernest Lehman (1915 – 2005) wrote the original screenplay for NORTH BY NORTHWEST. On becoming the first screenwriter to receive an honorary Oscar in 2001, he said, “I appeal to all movie critics to please always bear in mind that a film production begins and ends with a screenplay.”

Maybe, one of these days, these wonderful Hollywood archives held in American Universities will be available to all online.


Ernest Lehman,Alfred Hitchcock

Ernest Lehman,Alfred Hitchcock



THE INVISIBLE THIRD ( German translation!)



Whenever I see the above image, I can hear Bernard Hermann’s music which is so much part of NORTH BY NORTHWEST.

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