Phil Carey

The Archive of American Television at Emmy TV Legends is a wonderful resource for interviews with many stars .
Just some of the interviewees include Mitzi Gaynor,Patricia Hitchcock,Betty Garrett,Angela Lansbury,Jack Lemmon,A.C.Lyles,Hume Cronyn,Abraham Polonsky,John Frankenheimer. The list runs to several hundred.
And most of these interviews run two to three hours.

The interviews touch on movie careers, but are mainly concerned with TV output. I am not aware that any similar archive is available for motion pictures, more’s the pity.
I didn’t know that Phil Carey (1925-2009) had been in a daytime soap opera, ONE LIFE TO LIVE for 28 years.
Phil was interviewed in 2002:
I got the part in OPERATION PACIFIC – the first movie I had ever done – and I was co-starring with Duke Wayne,Pat Neal and Ward Bond.”

Warners put me under contract and the next movie I did was with Gary Cooper, called SPRINGFIELD RIFLE…..
I did PUSHOVER with Fred MacMurray and Kim Novak. It was a remake of DOUBLE INDEMNITY, only we were two cops.”

I did a movie with Rock Hudson,GUN FURY.
By the way, when you’re under contract to the studio in those days, you had to ride. The guy that was directing this movie, Raoul Walsh, said anybody that’s in this movie must ride. The movie was in 3D – Walsh only had one eye so he could never see the 3D.”

Phil played Philip Marlowe on TV, 1959/1960 and the western series LAREDO IN 1966. He also did an amusing TV advertising campaign in the 1960s – for Granny Goose potato chips. He was Granny Goose!

Phil Carey,Allyn Ann McLerie.CALAMITY JANE

Phil Carey,Allyn Ann McLerie.CALAMITY JANE

Another interesting interview I watched was from 2004, with Harry Morgan when he was 89 years old.
Harry said:
“I moved to Hollywood in 1942. I got a contract at Fox – 6 months or a year – $600 a week. My first film was SHORES OF TRIPOLI with Randolph Scott.
I did a lot of comedy parts at Fox, but then I did THE OX-BOW INCIDENT which I think is maybe my favorite picture of all that I have done.
I never have been pidgeon-holed – I’ve played a variety of things.
Jimmy Stewart couldn’t have been greater to me – I did 5 pictures with him- a pleasure to work with.”

Harry said he liked working with Joan Crawford in TORCH SONG.

Henry Fonda, Harry Morgan.THE OX BOW INCIDENT

Henry Fonda, Harry Morgan.THE OX BOW INCIDENT

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  1. Great link…many thanks.

    Always liked Carey and Morgan.
    Funnily enough only last night I watched Morgan in
    TOUGHEST MAN IN ARIZIONA a film that I had very
    low expectations of. Possibly that was because it featured
    bandleader/crooner Vaughn Monroe in a Western.
    At any rate the film was very good with Harry Morgan
    and Victor Jory up to no good throughout the film.
    It was one of those films that delivers far beyond

  2. Don’t know that western and haven’t ever seen Vaughan Monroe. Not sure I would like a singing cowboy but the cast is strong.

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