What a weekend in London. Wish I could be there.
On 6th Sept.2015, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, Isabella Rossellini and Jeremy Irons will be taking part in a tribute to Isabella’s late mother,INGRID BERGMAN who was born 100 years ago.
Isabella and Jeremy will portray various characters from Ingrid’s life and there will be never before seen film footage.
Isabella, in a TV interview, said that her mother kept everything – diaries,letters,scripts,photos – plus Ingrid used a movie camera on the set of some of her films.
Listening to Isabella is to hear Ingrid’s voice.
Isabella will also be present on 5th Sept. at a screening of NOTORIOUS.




Also on 5th Sept.2015, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the FRED ASTAIRE AND GINGER ROGERS LONDON CELEBRATION which runs all day.

Described as a Study day to celebrate the museum’s acquisition of a suit worn by Fred and a dress worn by Ginger in LADY IN THE DARK.

The day also commemorates the 80th anniversary of TOP HAT.

Subjects include “Fred and Adele, A Transatlantic Phenomenon” ;

“The Astaires and the Gershwins as pop music ambassadors” :

“Top Hat, Screen and Stage. the Legacy Lives on.”

One of the speakers is John Mueller, author of the great book,”ASTAIRE DANCING”.

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