imageANOTHER FACE from RKO has a good cast headed by Brian Donlevy as gangster Broken Nose Dawson who, to escape the police, has  plastic surgery to change his face. He doesnt like loose ends so arranges for the surgeon who did the surgery to be rubbed out.

Dawson is so impressed by his new looks, he decides to leave New York and go to Hollywood to become an actor.

Well why not!

At Zenith Studios in Hollywood, he gives himself a fancy name and the studio think he is a rich playboy.   Wallace Ford is the head of publicity,always looking for the next stunt to promote his girlfriend,Phyllis Brooks who is starring  in the studio’s latest film.

Alan Hale is head of the studio and the supporting cast includes Hattie  McDaniel,Emma Dunn and Erik Rhodes ( without accent).

It’s  a fun movie if over long. One scene has some actors auditioning for the part of a gangster – you can  guess who gets the part .

A subplot  involves  a nurse, who worked on the gangster’s new face ,ending up in the very studio where he is – her boyfriend is a cowboy star.


Brian Donlevy

Brian Donlevy


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