An Innocent Murderer

RKO shows again how to tell a complex story in a short space of time – in this case ,68 minutes.
Gig Young is a public defender assigned an unusual case.

12 years earlier Richard (James Anderson) is convicted of  murder but escapes and disappears. He is caught again and swears his innocence.

Gig has to track down the three couples who were with him on the night of the murder and who gave evidence against him.

Iris AdrIan, Harry Shannon

Iris Adrian, Harry Shannon

Harry Shannon plays Gig’s ex-cop father who helps him with the search.

The cast also has Gerald Mohr,Willard Parker,John Kellog,Iris Adrian ,Lynne Roberts and Cleo  Moore.

James Anderson, usually so good on the wrong side of the law, gets a chance as the guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s interesting to see how the witnesses ,young and hopeful before the war,have ended up after a dozen years. One has been blinded in the war, one is an alcoholic and another is mentally ill.

There’s more murder and mayhem along the way and a very dramatic court room ending when the killer is revealed.

Directed by French born George Archainbaud who worked in the US from 1915. Through the 40s and 50s, he did mainly westerns on film and TV.

Cinematography is by Nicholas Musucara, so of course is suitably dramatic.

I thought the whole cast did well and this film is a real find for me.

Gig Young,Cleo Moore

Gig Young,Cleo Moore.












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