Kim Novak,Rita Hayworth,Frank Sinatra

Kim Novak,Rita Hayworth,Frank Sinatra PAL JOEY



Spencer Tracy,Clark Gable.SAN FRANCISCO

Spencer Tracy,Clark Gable.SAN FRANCISCO



Cary Grant,Katharine Hepburn.BRINGING UP BABY

Cary Grant,Katharine Hepburn, Howard Hawks BRINGING UP BABY



Walter Catlett,Katharine Hepburn,Howard Hawks.BRINGING UP BABY

Walter Catlett,Katharine Hepburn,Howard Hawks.BRINGING UP BABY



James Stewart,Rosalind Russell.BORN TO DANCE

James Stewart,Eleanor Powell,Sid Silvers. BORN TO DANCE



Joan Crawford.SUDDEN FEAR

Joan Crawford.SUDDEN FEAR



Joan Crawford,Cesar Romero

Cesar Romero visiting Ethel Merman on the set of There’s No Business Like Showbusiness.



Franchot Tone,Grace Moore.THE KING STEPS OUT

Franchot Tone, Joseph Von Sternberg, Grace Moore.THE KING STEPS OUT



Ernst Lubitsch,Gary Cooper,Claudette Colbert.BLUEBEARD'S EAGTH WIFE

Ernst Lubitsch,Gary Cooper,Claudette Colbert.BLUEBEARD’S 8TH WIFE



Joan Bennett,Edward G.Robinson. WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

Joan Bennett,Edward G.Robinson, Fritz Lang  WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

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  1. I like that one from PAL JOEY, great movie. And it’s nice to see Lang too. presumably mapping out what I always thought was a very effective shot through the railings.

  2. Never seen that still of Josef Von Sternberg, Tone and Moore before! They all look happy – not a true representation of the atmosphere on that film! Von Sternberg asked that it not be included in any retrospective of his films……..

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