My blog, Vienna’s Classic Hollywood,is hosted by

In exchange for providing me with the facilities to run the blog, WordPress will from time to time run ads on individual posts to cover their costs.

Annoyingly, I am not informed what,if any,ads you see when you read one of my articles.

To be ad-free, I would have to pay WordPress an annual fee – I’m resisting that so far.

If you see any ad which is inappropriate, do let me know, and also contact support


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  1. That’s great, Colin. Glad you haven’t seen any. I did sign out and saw some ads, but don’t know what other ads folk might be seeing.

  2. I’ve seen a few ads on your blog, Vienna, but they have been appropriate to me and not inconvenient, but thanks for letting us know anyway. Keep up the good work!

  3. I think I know which ad might’ve prompted this, though I don’t remember what it was for, just that it was perhaps a bit crude. Currently, I’m seeing Kohl’s department store ads on WordPress blogs…something Blogger/Blogspot isn’t foisting on us, yet….

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