An audacious theatre company in Melbourne,Australia has staged an adaptation of Hitchcock’s NORTH BY NORTHWEST.
You may ask what would be the point. I guess the answer may be simply, the challenge.
How do you convey so many of the scenes we know – crop dusting and Mount Rushmore spring to mind!
So it’s not the obvious candidate for a stage adaptation of a film.


One reviewer said,”I can’t tell you ( how these scenes were done). You simply wouldn’t believe me!”
Another reviewer said, “The final scenes are strokes of genius!”

The Melbourne Theatre Company,in partnership with Warner Brothers Theatre Ventures, did the impossible in June and July,2015. The production was so successful, they are bringing it back in 2016.
If it came to a theatre near me, I’d jump at the chance to see it – if only out of curiosity.


Adapted from Ernest Lehman’s script, it also has segments of Bernard Hermann’s original score.
Some ingenious methods were used to get round the cinematic nature of the story. A cast of 12 play multiple roles – and move the scenery around!
Lighting design,audio visuals, models , two blue screens and a massive rear projection screen – all contribute to theatrical magic.


It may be a crazy idea and nobody is going to make comparisons with the movie or its stars, but one reviewer said, ” It made you want to go home and watch the movie again.”
I say, why not. It takes nothing away from this iconic film.
And if it encourages someone in the audience to go out and buy the film on DVD, so much the better.

The Melbourne Theatre Company are planning an adaptation of James Cain’s DOUBLE INDEMNITY in 2016.



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