Bess Flowers,Hollywood’s greatest extra, has a scene near the start of

HER SISTER’S SECRET (1946) in which she dances with Philip Reed – and gets a few lines of dialogue! She has a great smile.

A nice discovery in this Edgar G. Ulmer melodrama from PRC which I watched on You Tube.  One of my favorite bloggers reviewed the film in July,2014 (

Laura pointed out, at the time of her review, Bess’s appearance in this film wasn’t listed on IMDB. ( It is now)





Her Sister’s Secret starred Nancy Coleman and Margaret Lindsay as two sisters, one of whom becomes an unwed mother with all the problems that brings.
Set in New Orleans, the opening scenes of the Mardi Gras create a wonderful atmosphere.
I like Margaret Lindsay (1910-1981) , she always gave a solid performance.


Nancy Coleman,Margaret Lindsay.

Nancy Coleman,Margaret Lindsay.



Margaret Lindsay

Margaret Lindsay

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