Anyone who enjoys Irving Berlin’s WHITE CHRISTMAS will remember the wonderful dance numbers Vera-Ellen did with dancer JOHN BRASCIA (1932-2013) They do an amazing rehearsal dance on a bare stage – and boy, do they dance up a storm in the ‘Abraham’ number.

Then we see them in the number called ‘Mandy’, another breathtaking powerhouse of  dancing.(Choreography by Robert Alton).




The only other film in which John BRASCIA had a featured part was MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS, in which he is teamed with Cyd Charisse in the wonderful ‘Frankie and Johnny’ number.

Brascia had a breezy smile and a style similar to Gene Kelly.

His career in film musicals was short lived – he had uncredited parts in SUMMER STOCK and CALL ME MADAM. And after White Christmas and Meet Me in Las  Vegas, his dancing career on film was over.






He had appeared in the  Broadway show,HAZEL FLAGG ( based on NOTHING SACRED) in 1953 and won an award. But he did not do any other Broadway musicals.

With Helen Gallagher.HAZEL FLAGG

With Helen Gallagher.HAZEL FLAGG

He teamed with  another dancer Tybee Arfa and they were known as Brascia and Tybee ( and they were briefly married).

Their success came from  appearances in nightclubs and on many television shows.



Brascia also danced with Vera-Ellen in her 1955 Las Vegas spectacular.

( Just think, Vera-Ellen doing her own singing.)

Not only Vera-Ellen, but Cyd Charisse remembered  this young dancer when she did some TV shows and there is a clip of Charisse and Brascia on You tube.

With Cyd Charisse.MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS

With Cyd Charisse.MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS



As time went on,John hung up his dancing shoes and took up writing. He wrote and produced the 1980 film,THE BALTIMORE BULLET.

I guess,if he had wanted to, he could have made more movie musicals, but I will always remember him in White Christmas and Meet Me in Las  Vegas.

A wonderfully detailed overview of John Brascia’s career can be found at



1955 Las Vegas.



With Cyd Charisse.MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS.

With Cyd Charisse, Liliane Montevecchi. MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS.



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