Some extra information I’ve learned about Lena from her 1966 autobiography ,LENA.

……….Lena  tested for the Jeanette MacDonald film,CAIRO, in a scene with Eddie Anderson.

The part went to Ethel Waters.

………..At the time Lena got a seven year contract with Metro, no African-American actor was under contract to any of the studios.

…………Of her loan  to Fox for STORMY WEATHER, Lena  said :

“MGM were charging Fox more for my services than they were actually paying me.”

………….At the time of  her  marriage in 1947, inter-racial marriage was illegal in 30 States including California.

…………..Talking of her parts in Panama Hattie and As Thousands Cheer, Lena said:

“The beginning of a long line of films where I was pasted to a pillar to sing my song.”

……….It’s noticeable in her book that Lena makes no mention of WORDS AND MUSIC, or her co-star in JAMAICA,Ricardo Montalban.





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