A scowling Cary Grant  – the character he played in Hitchcock’s SUSPICION was meant to be bad, but it wasn’t to be – RKO wouldn’t allow it. Just imagine, Cary Grant as the villain!

Dont you  love that “Not suitable for general exhibition”!

Slight misspelling for Dame May Whitty. And woeful  depictions of the  stars.


Cary Grant,Joan Fontaine, Nigel Bruce

Cary Grant,Joan Fontaine, Nigel Bruce

Nigel knows who’s the guilty party ie  if Hitchcock had had his way.


Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine

Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine

Not a great shot of Joan.


The novel from which the film was taken

The novel from which the film was taken.




Suspicion’s first title.


Some foreign posters:


A bottle of poison is prominently displayed.



Hitchcock is already famous, though his picture isnt very kind.



A wild Cary Grant! Joan is naturally apprehensive.




Why didn’t they just use a photo of the two stars. Didn’t RKO care about these foreign posters?




No quibbles with this one.








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  1. A lot of people aren’t crazy about this film but I’ve always had a soft spot for it – maybe because it was among the first Hitchcock movies I saw. It’s quite flawed but there’s enough going on to keep me entertained and satisfied.
    I have the novel but I’ve never gotten round to reading it – must try to put that right.

  2. Would’ve been more memorable had Hitchcock been allowed to keep his originally filmed “Cary did it” ending. Bad test previews forced him to reverse it.

  3. Everyone was at the mercy of test screenings , even John Ford. Osrson Welles’ Magnificent Ambersons the most tragic victim.

    Hitchcock rejected Cary Grant for Dial M for Murder, rather than go thru the same thing again.

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