Isn’t Torchy Blane,ace reporter, a brassy,fast talking blonde, brought to life by Glenda Farrell in a series of Warner Brother B’s in the late 30s?

I got a surprise when I recently saw TORCHY BLANE IN PANAMA . Torchy is still looking for a scoop, but now she’s a brunette and looks like Lola Lane.

And instead of Barton MacLane as Torchy’s  policeman boyfriend Steve, it’s Paul Kelly.


The popular Torchy Blane franchise ran between 1937 and 1939. In 1938 , the Warner Brothers’ contracts of Farrell and MacLane   were up . Glenda was beginning to think about going back to the stage. Warners decided to try another duo ( probably cheaper  too) .But the confused public didn’t like it, and Warners got Glenda and Barton back for two more titles in the series. ( Seven in total for this twosome.)



Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane


Never liking to give up on a good format, Warners made a final Torchy Blane film with Jane Wyman and Allen Jenkins. Haven’t seen this one.





Jane Wyman,Allen Jenkins


I’ve only  seen Lola Lane in a few films, usually dramas. I thought she did fine in the Panama story.

Paul Kelly had little to do. It’s a fast moving 59 minutes set on board an ocean liner as Torchy and Steve follow the trail of a bank robber.



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  1. I got these films in the Warner Archive DVD set but have been waiting to start until I finish a couple other series! Like the casts — thanks for the fun preview!

    Best wishes,

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