RITA GAM has died on 22 March,2016, at the age of 88.

Gregory Peck,Rita Gam

Gregory Peck,Rita Gam. On the set.NIGHT PEOPLE

Rita’s film career was brief, she made around a dozen films, mainly in the 1950s. She was born Rita Mackay in Pittsburgh, taking the surname Gam from her stepfather.

Her exotic looks resulted in casting in films like SAADIA, SIGN OF THE PAGAN and MAGIC FIRE.

Her debut film was Ray Milland’s THE THIEF in 1952 but she never got the casting chances that might have propelled her into a longer Hollywood career. She did numerous TV shows and was active in the theatre.

I understand that she may have replaced Gloria Grahame in NIGHT PEOPLE (1954), a favorite film of mine .

(She appeared again with Gregory Peck in the 1971 western,SHOOT OUT.)

As a young actress in the early 50s in New York, she met Grace Kelly and they became friends – Rita was a bridesmaid at Grace’s wedding.

Rita was married to director Sidney Lumet for a number of years.

Rita Gam, Grace Kelly

Rita Gam, Grace Kelly




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