A very enjoyable film which I found on You Tube. A quick 68 minutes involving Barry (Louis Hayward) and his pal Doc (J.C. Nugent) who are on their way to Belmont for the racing. They’ve run out of money and break into a big deserted house during a storm.

A newly recruited staff , including a butler,chauffeur,cook and parlour maid , arrive and assume Barry and Doc are the residents.

The owners, the Reitters, are away but their long lost son (Eric Linden) is expected the next day, but he doesnt show up and it is assumed Barry is the son.

The mistaken identity theme is well done and Barry ends up helping the son who is accused of murder.

Barbara Read,  as a friend of the family , slows the film down. Far better was Sheila Bromley as a chorus girl married to the son.

I was particularly impressed by J.C.Nugent as Louis Hayward’s sidekick . I don’t recall seeing him before. A nice easygoing style. He and Hayward made a good team.



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