Robert Nott’s excellent book, “The Films of Randolph Scott”, mentions that Scott was one of a very few number of film stars who never made a television appearance .

However, the author explains that :

“Scott did agree to appear briefly to narrate a television pilot called ‘Theatre of the West’ for his partner Harry Joe Brown.

The pilot,entitled ‘Officer’s Choice’ featured Scott Brady as an      outlaw turned sheriff forced to confront his past when a federal marshal, played by Paul Kelly, catches up with him.”

Mr Nott adds, “The pilot, which was probably never aired,was strong on storyline and acting but weak on production values and action scenes……it was likely shot between 1955 and 1958′”.


Amazingly, the website.westernsontheweb.com has found the pilot , and it can be viewed on You Tube.

Running 25 minutes, the episode has  Randolph, in western garb, sitting on a stoop, and introducing  the episode. He also does a wrap-up at the end.

The quality of the print is poor, but it is fascinating for Scott fans. I wonder if the plan was for Scott to appear in a few of the episodes ,if the pilot had been picked up.

Based on the title, Theatre of the West, perhaps the intention was to have an anthology series, rather than recurring characters.

He looked as if he was in costume for The Tall T, though I could well be wrong.

Scott Brady and Paul Kelly led a good cast including Ted de Corsia . I enjoyed the story and don’t agree with Mr. Nott about the action etc.

Brady is a sheriff, with a wife and daughter. He was an outlaw who turned his life around, but his past catches up with him when a federal Marshal (Paul Kelly) comes to town seeking the outlaw.

It’s interesting to see Randolph Scott talking to the camera and smiling a lot – something he didn’t do often enough in his films.


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