“I Don’t Want To Walk Without You”

Lizabeth Scott

Lizabeth Scott

I’ve always liked the songs that Lizabeth Scott  sang  ( courtesy of fine dubber,Trudy Stevens).

In I WALK ALONE  (‘Don’t Call it Love’);

In DEAD RECKONING  (‘Either it’s Love or It Isn’t ‘)

And especially DARK CITY which is one of my top Noirs.

Knowing the Dark City songs well, I immediately recognised ‘I Don’t Want To Walk Without  You’ when I recently heard it on the radio ( not  the film  version.)


If you know the tune, sing along!

The song was written by Jule Styne and Frank Loesser in 1941 and first performed by Betty Jane Rhodes in Paramount’s SWEATER  GIRL (1942). Betty’s version can be heard on You Tube.

Like all the best dubbers, Trudy Stevens matches her vocal tones to Lizabeth Scott’s breathy sound, and you believe it is Lizabeth singing.



Lizabeth Scott, Charlton Heston

Lizabeth Scott, Charlton Heston (His film debut)


On a separate note but still Lizabeth Scott related , her best ever Noir, TOO LATE FOR TEARS has been  restored and is out on DVD/Blu Ray  in the U.K. on June 13th ( a month after the U.S. release).

A big thank you to the Film Noir Foundation and UCLA Film and Television Archive  for the  restoration . (They have also done the same for Ann Sheridan’s WOMAN ON THE RUN which comes out on DVD/Blu Ray at the same time.)

But what a difference in the DVD covers. I know which one I prefer.

American DVD cover:



U.K. Cover:




Dan Duyrea,Lizabeth Scott

Dan Duyrea,Lizabeth Scott Too Late For Tears

Dont trust  her,Dan. This is Lizabeth at her femme fatalist!


Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy

Lizabeth Scott, Arthur Kennedy.

She wants to keep the load of money that virtually fell into their lap ( or their car). Her husband knows it is wrong . Guess who wins!



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  1. You can currently find on YouTube a copy of the album that Scott herself sang. There’s not a huge range to her performances on the album, but overall she was by no means a bad singer.

  2. I love those old standards in noir, too, though I wish they wouldn’t dub in such cases. I love the non-singing of Ida Lupino in Road House, for example, and I think Dark City would be all the better if the character didn’t have so strong a voice.

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