In my quest for all things PAULETTE GODDARD, I sat through VARIETY GIRL(1947) ,waiting in vain for the comedy song, “A Sweater, A Sarong and a Peekaboo Bang”, sung by Paulette Goddard, Dorothy  Lamour and Veronica Lake.

I had the wrong film! I should have been watching STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM ( 1942).

“Variety Girl ” is really Paramount on parade .Virtually every contractee of the studio appeared ,ever so briefly, in the film about the charitable organisation, the Variety Club.

The plot is practically non-existent, but I guess it was worth watching to star- spot, and to roam round the Paramount studio.





Worth waiting for – Dorothy Lamour and Alan Ladd sing ‘Tallahassee’ which was written by Frank Loesser. And Alan wasnt dubbed!



Robert Preston, Barry Fitzgerald






Paulette Goddard,Dorothy Lamour and Veronica Lake in STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM (1943).

What a disappointment. I expected a number as funny as   ‘A Dreamer’,   sung by Ida  Lupino, Olivia De Havilland and George Tobias in “Thank Your Lucky Stars”.

Harold Arlen and Johnny  Mercer wrote the spoof song, but it really fell flat. It should have been a good send-up of the three stars’ trademarks but it needed a better melody and better staging . The threesome looked great . Veronica was dubbed by Martha Mears.

For this film, Arlen and Mercer wrote one of their classics, ‘That Old Black Magic’ which was sung by Johnny Johnston and danced by Vera Zorina.







I guess I’ll take another look at ‘The Dreamer’.




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  1. That is disappointing the song wasn’t better! It had sounded like such a great idea for a spoof. Usually, I like Arlen and Mercer, but I guess they can’t hit them all out of the ballpark.

  2. I remember thinking the song (and/or its performance) was a bit lackluster, but I didn’t think it was all that dire!

    On the other hand, or me Veronica Lake could be reading the phone book and I’d still be transfixed . . .

    Veronica was dubbed by Martha Mears.

    I’m surprised. As an ol’ showbiz brat she’d surely have been quite capable of singing it herself.

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