Myra’s new play


Who’s Myra Hudson and who didn’t get the lead in her new play?


Bull’s eye, Siriami!

It’s Jack ( don’t mess with me) Palance .  He didn’t get that part but he did get one of his.  best roles in SUDDEN FEAR. He and Gloria ( did you really think he would choose Joan) Grahame made a charming couple!



Gloria Grahame, Jack Palance

Gloria Grahame, Jack Palance






Gloria Grahame

How long do you think I’m going to wait.




The smooth talker. Don’t fall for it,Myra.




Shock,horror. Why doesnt she just divorce him. I forgot, she’s a writer.

Ideas pop into her head.






I love that whole scene in the apartment .

That white scarf would be quite a collector’s item.



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