Kirk Douglas,Lana Turner.THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

Think Gone with The Wind;  your  first Oscar;   what a fabulous director I am;  how Hedda and Louella are going to love you;  you’re going to part the Red Sea.





Barbara Stanwyck,Errol Flynn.CRY WOLF.

Now listen,Barbara. I get top billing. Flynn comes before Stanwyck. It’s that simple.



Richard Widmark.THE LAST WAGON

Richard Widmark.THE LAST WAGON

Oh, c’mon, Richard. That’s not frightening.



Raymond Burr.REAR WINDOW

Raymond Burr.REAR WINDOW

Perry Mason? Me?

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  1. I like that Flynn/Stanwyck shot, full of passion. And the Widmark one shows how the action image of a leaping figure was achieved.
    Overall, four movies I love.

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