ALAN LADD. In the Beginning


I came across this ad for a DVD double bill from Alpha Video, and was amused by the titles – SAUCE FOR THE GANDER (1942) and MEAT AND ROMANCE (1940). And both featuring ALAN LADD (and suggesting he is the star of the feature,Sauce for the Gander).

But this is Alan Ladd before he became a big star. The 20 minute short,”Meat And Romance ” was financed by the national Livestock and Meat Board in a promotion for the U.S. Meat industry.

Alan plays a husband who learns from his wife about wartime meat rationing. The solitary review on IMDb says, “…it might make you hungry if not romantic!”

In “Sauce For The Gander”, Alan has one scene ( which is on You Tube) as a roving radio reporter . He looks and sounds very natural. He is not listed in the cast. So you could argue that Alpha Video are being a tad fanciful, showing  Alan as the star.

Sauce For The Gander

Sauce For The Gander

Alan in the middle of the group.

Sauce For The Gander was a feature length film produced for the Hotpoint appliance company to promote their fridges and stoves.(True!) I couldn’t find this film on IMDB. The lead actor (don’t know his name) tells the ‘man on the spot’ reporter (Ladd) that he could do a better job running a household than a woman. He and his wife switch roles.

The film’s title means no double standards.

Alan Ladd (1913 – 1964) had a long  apprenticeship in Hollywood and appeared in over 40 features and shorts from 1932, until his break-through role in THIS GUN FOR HIRE in 1942. Uncredited,bit parts ,plus work on radio, provided Alan with experience which made him ready for his subsequent career as Paramount’s top star.

This Gun For Hire

This Gun For Hire


I haven’t seen SHANE for a while and had forgotten the line of dialogue that was spoken  twice in the film, each time preceding a gunfight.

Elisha Cook

Elisha Cook

Poor Torrey faces the gunslinger who taunts him.

The prideful Torrey responds,”I’ve heard you’re a low down lying Yankee.”

Wilson (Jack Palance) says, “Prove it.”

Jack Palance

Jack Palance


At the film’s climactic confrontation ,Shane, remembering Torrey,  says to Wilson,

“I’ve heard that you’re a low down Yankee liar.”

Wilson still responds, “Prove it.”  This time the outcome is different.

Jack Palance

Jack Palance

Isn’t Palance  just one of the meanest ,toughest bad guys ever.



Alan Ladd,Emile Meyer

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