Can anyone help? I can’t identify everyone in this photo, or when it was taken.

Top row:

Maureen O’Sullivan?, Ann Sheridan, …….?, Charlotte Greenwood,……?

Jane Wyman….who is behind Jane?, Yvonne De Carlo, Charles Coburn, ……..?  Ruth Hussey?

Alexis Smith.

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  1. It was Charles Coburn´s birthday on the set of “Louisa”

    The ladies are:- Jane Wyman, Piper Laurie, Maureen O´Sulllivan, Ann Sheridan, Yvonne De Carlo, Spring Byington, Charlotte Greenwood, Ella Raines, Alexis Smith, Ruth Hussey, Ann Rutherford.

    Do I win a prize?

  2. Well done, Bob, for solving the puzzle. Would never have recognised Ella Raines.
    I didn’t know the film,LOUISA in which Spring Byington played the lead, with Ronald Reagan,Ruth Hussey,Piper Laurie, Edmund Gwenn and Mr. Coburn.
    Only prize, my sincere thanks!

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